Water Energizers Chemical-free Water Treatment

water treatment systemWater Energizers are a unique non-chemical, non-magnetic water treatment system designed for industrial and commercial use. Systems such as cooling towers, closed loops and boilers benefit from treatment with our environmentally friendly product. In fact, nearly every system that utilizes water can take advantage of treatment with Water Energizers.

The actions of Water Energizers control corrosion and bacteria while preventing scale formation. And unlike chemical water treatment, Water Energizers soften and remove existing scale, making heat exchange surfaces more efficient, thereby reducing energy costs.

Water Energizers require no outside power source. Installation provided by our service technicians is uncomplicated; Water Energizers are simply placed directly into the water to be treated.

Because Water Energizers are chemical-free, the risk of chemical-related injuries is eliminated. Safety training and special emergency procedures are not required and regulatory compliance reporting may be reduced or eliminated. More space becomes available in your mechanical room since chemical drums, pumps and tubing are no longer necessary.

Our water treatment is more than a product – it’s a complete service. Our knowledgeable service technicians visit your facility monthly to clean the Water Energizers, test your water, examine your system and provide a written report. This enables us to meet our goals of excellent water treatment and superior service. Since 1987, Water Energizers have been the clear choice for companies seeking effective, affordable, environmentally friendly water treatment.

Choose Water Energizers today to make your facility safer, your equipment more efficient and our planet greener.