One of the most important things you can do for your business is improve your bottom line. Water Energizers® can help you achieve this in a number of ways:

No Capital Investment – Unlike other chemical-free systems, Water Energizers are not sold. They are provided as part of a monthly treatment program. There’s no expensive equipment to buy, just a predictable, affordable monthly service fee.

Lower Energy Costs – The more scale that builds up, the more energy required to operate your system. Water Energizers eliminate existing scale and prevent new scale from forming, so your system will operate at peak efficiency.

Lower Maintenance Costs – Because Water Energizers prevent scale buildup, inhibit corrosion and control bacteria, maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

Less Downtime – Since Water Energizers are so effective at removing existing scale and preventing new scale formation, no downtime is needed for descaling.

Extends Equipment Life – It is a well-known fact that acid cleaning damages your system. When using Water Energizers instead of traditional chemical water treatment, acid cleaning becomes a thing of the past. As a result, your equipment lasts longer.

Eliminates or Reduces Regulatory Compliance Paperwork – Because Water Energizers are chemical-free, the time once spent filling out regulatory compliance paperwork can be transferred to other, more important functions.

Eliminates Risk of Chemical-Related Injuries – Many chemical-related injuries occur every year as a result of faulty feed equipment and spills. Since no chemicals are involved in the use of Water Energizers, these injuries, and the associated workers’ compensation claims, are eliminated.

Monthly Service Calls – Regular monthly service calls are made by our trained technicians to ensure proper operation of our system. During these visits, we often discover minor problems in our customers’ systems. We report these problems before they become serious issues that result in costly downtime.

Reduced Liability – Reduction in liability and workers’ compensation insurance premiums may be possible because all hazardous water treatment chemicals are removed from the workplace.